Shopping in Chongqing – 5 Primary Urban Districts

Being an international city, Chongqing has five primary urban districts.


Yuzhong, the oldest downtown area in Chongqing, resembles a strip, a peninsula between two rivers. Jiefangbei, the busiest commercial center in Yuzhong, features the Jiefangbei Memorial, which stands in the center of the Times Square pedestrian area, which has Ole, an imported commodity retailer, and many other international brands. Also, Westin, Somerset, and other five star hotels located in Jiefangbei, which is a must-see attraction on a trip to Chongqing. Take Line 2 and get off at Linjiangmen station, and you will exit into the center of Jiefangbei. It is near Chaotianmen and the Guild Hall, Food Street and Hongyadong is a short walk away.

Another popular shopping area is Longhu Times Paradise Walk. It is newly opened, has 4 blocks, and covers a large area. Most of the merchants here offer nice prices. Longhu has become the most popular shopping center in Yuzhong. Blocks C & D are newly opened in 2016. They have many distinct restaurants, cafés, and bars, as well as an indoor Karting court, and an ice rink. It a good place for hanging out on weekends.

The「TESTBED2贰厂」is a new attraction in the Yuzhong District. Within The TESTBED2, there are some modern business operations and other entertaining places. Built with the intention of protecting historic industrial sites, not only will you find TESTBED elements from the west, but also traditional and original Chongqing cultural sites here as well. We would like to introduce some shops that represent the spirit of TESTBED2.

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Jiangbei District is located in the north side of the Jialing River. Guanyinqiao is the busiest shopping center in Jiangbei, with more than 10 shopping malls. Among them, North Paradise Walk and Mic City are the most popular with young people. North Paradise walk is well-known for Dawang (People Watching), because fashionable young women and men are frequently found there. North Paradise Walk is very close to Jiujie, known for its night life, with many bars and lounges. Hyatt Regency Chongqing is the best five star hotel in Quanyinqiao. Another newer shopping center is Jiangbeizhui CBD. There are currently only a few malls, including IFS, Casin Plaza, and Oriental Mall, but this will be a prosperous place in future.

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Nanan, on the other bank of the Yangtze River, across from Yuzhong, remains popular despite its dense population. Nanping, the oldest shopping center in Nanan, has Wanda, Bailian, and Starlight shopping malls. The Wanda pedestrian street has lots of authentic, local, and affordable eateries, and many people can be found strolling and walking their dogs at night. Starlight is the newest and biggest shopping mall in Nanan. The five star Kempinski Hotel and Le Meridien Chongqing are located in Nanan.

In Danzishi area, the newly opened two commercial centers are Dongyuan 1891 and Landmark Mall ChangJia hui. Dongyuan 1891 divided into four blocks, which stand in lined with the river’s bank. Many dining places located there boasting a good view of the river. The golden twin tower Sheraton Hotel is near Dongyuan 1891.Landmark Mall ChangJia Hui features Madame Tussauds and sea world and many good restaurants with large open balcony. Across the Danzishi area, there is Nanbin Rd. Park.

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Sha Ping Ba

The Shapingba District has a dense population and, with its many top-rated high schools and universities, is the center of Chongqing’s education. Sanxia Square, a wide pedestrian street with several old shopping malls, is the main shopping center in Shapingba. There also have authentic CQ snacks, like Suanlafen. The underground shopping street there specializes in women’s clothes and accessories, with lower prices and a good selection.


Yangjiaping is one of the oldest commercial centers in Chongqing. Line2 pass through Yangjiaping pedestrian, which feature a special view of the street. There are lots of snack shops and old malls. Longhu paradise walk is relatively new here. Sofitel Forebase Chongqing is a famous five star hotel in Jiulongpo.

Another commercial center in Jiulongpo is Mic City, which is Yangjiaping’s next stop in line2. Mic City is built in 2014; the exterior wall is designed for symbol of Chongqing’s mountains, rivers and stilted houses. Within the mall, there are various international brand costume, gourmet and entertainment.